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Wish Upon A Horse (timber Ridge Riders)

Wish Upon A Horse

Pageworks Press

Author: Maggie Dana

I will share with you this brilliant book titled Wish Upon A Horse (timber Ridge Riders). The author is Maggie Dana and it was published by Pageworks Press. This went on sale on the 10th of November, 2012. The children's book is 178 pages long. To get the same discount I uncovered, check out the link on this page.

Length: 176 pages More than anything within the world, Kate Mc Gregor wants a horse of her own, but the pitiful mare she rescues from the dog-food factory is hardly the horse of her dreams. Still, Kate's betting that one specific day her scruffy horse will be a champion. They'll beat Angela Dean once and for all, despite the fact that Angela's now being coached by a trainer who's as unscrupulous as she is. Together they'll win blue ribbons. But can Kate do it? Even her best friend, Holly, is doubtful, specifically when Angela spreads the rumor that Kate's horse could be stolen property.


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