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Horses: Trotting! Prancing! Racing !

Horses Trotting Prancing Racing

Two Lions

MPN: 9780761459491
ISBN: 0761459499
Author: Patricia Hubbell

Searching for a fantastic book? Horses: Trotting! Prancing! Racing! is an excellent book. Written by Patricia Hubbell and it was published sometime in October of 2011 by Two Lions. The book has 32 pages. It's 0.43"H x 9.83"L x 9.78"W. It weighs about 1 lbs. I would like for you to get the best price and service when buying a book.

Horses do all types of things. Clip-clop-clop! They race about tracks, haul wagons, herd animals, and significantly a lot more. They need a lot of care from their owners, including brushing and exercise. Includes an illustrated list of popular horse breeds. Joe Mathieu's adorable illustrations rendered in watercolor and pencil bring fun to finding out all about horses. Horses come in many sizes and colors. Do you have a horse in your life?


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