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The Horse Farm Read-and-play Sticker Book (read-and-play Sticker Books)

Horse Farm Readandplay Sticker

Storey Publishing, LLC

MPN: FBA-|304621
ISBN: 158017583X
Author: Lisa Hiley

Your children will love this fantastic book by Lisa Hiley. Written by Lisa Hiley and it was published by Storey Publishing, LLC. The book went on sale in November of 2004. The children's book is 18 pages long. To obtain your personal print of this children's book, visit the button on this page.

Kids who constantly have horses on their minds are going to actually like this book. But there are also name plates for the horse stalls; saddles, brushes, helmets, and cowboy hats for the tack room; barrels and jumps for horse shows, plus championship ribbons; along with a flock of chickens along using a handful of barn swallows for the stableyard. All this horse play, however, is tied to real-life horse lessons. There are foals, a barn cat (as well as a barn mouse) , a vet, and a farrier. And with 75 full-color, reusable, heavy-duty vinyl stickers, kids can create their really own equine dramas even though in the actually same time studying critical points about such essentials as grooming and tacking up. For example, if the game is"let's pretend it's time for the horse's evening feeding,"the book reminds kids to give the horse his ration of grain and his mineral block, fill his bucket with fresh water, put out plenty of hay for the horse to munch on, and not to forget the carrot for a snack. The Horse Farm Read-and-Play Sticker Book draws young riders into the locations they like best: the horse farm, the tack room, the stable, the paddock, and also the stableyard. The range of stickers is irresistable.


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