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Horse Facts For Fun !

Horse Facts For Fun
Author: Wyatt Michaels

Are you looking to pick a book? Order a copy of Horse Facts For Fun written by Wyatt Michaels. The child's book is 161 pages long. For more information on this book, check out our affilate add to cart button.

Horse Facts for Fun! Horses are amongst the couple of animals that manage to combine a majestic appear with the ability to work hard. Strong and striking, horses are one a lot of children's favorite animals. They are great for horseshows, or for a fun day of riding at the ranch, but they could also be employed for plowing, transportation, or pulling. Mustangs, Clydesdales, and Arabians are just several inside the horse breeds that are on display in this book. Can you name what sort of horse can manage to pull up to 17,000 pounds as a team? Or the horse that is recognized as the “ peacock from the horse show world”? With Horse Facts for Fun, children at the same time as adults will have the ability to discover all about such great animals inside a fun and interactive fashion. This book is sure to entertain and educate you and your kids! The book focuses on a wide assortment of horse breeds and the text has been coupled with high quality images for a greater expertise. Or what horse breed the most expensive horse ever sold was a member of (and how much it was sold for )?


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