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The Horse And The Plains Indians: A Powerful Partnership

Horse And The Plains Indians A Powerful

Clarion Books

ISBN: 0547125518
Author: Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Horse And The Plains Indians: A Powerful is a must own children's book. Written by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent and it was published by Clarion Books. The book became available sometime in 2012. The children's book is 112 pages long. To buy a copy at the lowest price, visit the add to cart button below.

The image of a Native American on horseback has turn into ingrained inside the American consciousness. Once, Native Americans used dogs to assist carry their goods, and even following the Spaniards introduced the horse for the Americas, horses had been regarded so useful that the Spanish would not allow the Indians to have them. But the Plains Indians in addition to the horse were not usually inseparable. Follow the story of this transformative partnership, starting within the early sixteenth century and continuing these days. But soon horses escaped from Spanish settlements, and Native Americans quickly learned how important the horse could possibly be as a hunting mount, beast of burden, and military steed.


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