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Everything Horse: What Kids Really Want To Know About Horses (kids Faqs)

Everything Horse What Kids Really Want

Cooper Square Publishing Llc

MPN: FBA-|279873
ISBN: 1559719214
Author: Marty Crisp

You will want to read Everything Horse, what kids really want to know about horses an ideal book. Written by Marty Crisp and it is published by Cooper Square Publishing Llc. This became available on the 1st of June, 2005. The paperback book is concerning Horses. The book has 64 pages and it provides you with a variety of artistically colored illustrations.

Question-and-answer format brings (readers) right to the topics that interest probably the most. — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL Accessible and photo-packed. — BOOKLIST Clear, full-color pictures provide close-up views of various species. This is a fun treat for browsers.


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